Frequently asked questions

 SPECIAL NOTE:  Orders over $250.00 will receive free shipping!


YOU: Do all the items look alike?

TWW: All items are handmade so no two items will ever be identical.  Every sheet of glass is slightly different and we work with these variations for every item we craft.


YOU: Do you ship out of the United States?

TWW: YES!  We love to share our handcrafted goods all over the world!  Email us your order and we will reply with some info we need and will estimate shipping based on the location and order.


YOU: Do you do custom orders?

TWW: All the time!  We do custom orders for our retail customers, and we also collaborate with our wholesale buyers.  Give us a shout and lets make amazing things together.


YOU: How long is the lead time for wholesale orders?

TWW: Depends on the order and size.  Most often within 2-3 weeks for larger orders.


YOU: What happens if the items arrive broken?

TWW: Please contact us immediately with photos of the packaging and also broken items. An incident report needs to be filed with USPS (bring the entire box and contents to the post office) before we can file an insurance claim.  Our art is fragile and breakage does happen from time to time.  We take the utmost care in shipping them well packed.  Glass is tricky!


YOU: We are a wholesaler, what images can we use on our site to sell the images?

TWW: Contact Thayer and she will supply you images, we want you to have the best images you can!


YOU: Do you do wholesale?

TWW: YES!  We have many stockists across the world.  Contact us for the PW for the wholesale site.